The MAGESHOP is an E-shop, which skips one evolutionary stage in the company and shifts it to its final phase of modernization process. You don't need to spend money on integrating your CRM system and E-Shop – its already there where you need it most with all informations about customer in one place. Due to the direct connection to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011® you have available an intuitive environment, which allows an easy administration of the E-shop. You can effortlessly add new items with preview of the photos, their prices and headline (which is easy to format) as well as search for the items according to the keywords and categories. It allows you to copy already a created item and rewrite it with information you need (You do not have to add items always from the beginning).

The Statictics, automatically created by the MAGESHOP, helps you track the information in detail about almost everything. The popularity, the ratings, the marketability, and the earning power or yearly tendency/trend of your items. The MAGESHOP will clearly demonstrate him self in its statistics of the most
added items to the basket, the customer´s spendings or the type of payment and the way of transport etc.

The MAGESHOP manage to cooperate with the best payment portals, for example PayPal or GP webpay. Definitely, it could generate the variable symbol and all necessary information for the tranfer of the payment, as well as the automatic emails with all information provided to the customers, the shipping companies or the warehouses.

You can connect our solution to other Microsoft Dynamics CRM® solutions as ClickDimensions® or SCRIBE and extend it even more… All of that inside best
in class CRM system in the world.

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E-Shop na CRM

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