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The commercial version give you access to a larger instance than the free version (Sm, M, L, XL).

Composite C1 is a fully featured - free - web content management system developed for and by web professionals delivering websites to corporations. End-users maintain the website content on a daily basis. The user interface is very functional and task oriented and enables users of varying technical skills to complete tasks and cooperate using familiar tools. Front-end and XSLT developers are highly empowered and able to control website look and feel down to minute detail. ASP.NET, MVC and .NET 4 developers have the latest technologies, a pluggable architecture and full LINQ data access at their disposal. A very flexible architecture, both XML and SQL Server support, a lot of free easy-to-install add-ons and a set of premium offerings (corporate website add-ons, support, upgrade services, full warranty licensing) make Composite C1 a scalable product, both in terms of price, service and complexity. A strong emphasis on quality, documentation and developer community make Composite C1 a developer driven CMS that you can influence and be a part of. Composite C1 development was initially started in 2007 and was sold under a warranty license (closed source). September 2010 it was released as Open Source under the Mozilla Public License. The background in closed source is reflected in the quality and usability of the software. Source code available on CodePlex.

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