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ConfiGate SalesWorkPlace

af GoApplicate A/S

ConfiGate SaleWorkPlace is a link between MS CRM 3.0 and MS Dynamics, creating a bridge between a prospect in CRM and a non-standard (configurable) order in Dynamics. ConfiGate SalesWorkPlace includes a product configurator as well as sales dialogue guidance tools and automatically generates relevant documentation. Information will be generated using Word, Excel and SharePoint.

ConfiGate SalesWorkPlace helps the sales reps through the following steps:
1) Customer validation – Is the customer worth spending resources on. Is the customer in our target market, that is possibility for getting the order and what are the chances of making money on the order if we get is.
2) Needs alignment – Using the customers needs to find the right solution, weigh customer value with the needs and our possible solutions. Guide customer to standard configuration rather than specialized products, ensuring the foundation for LEAN manufacturing.
3) Product configuration – Build a valid solution, highlight individual parts against individual competition, and match the price with customer’s expectation.
4) Up-/cross selling – Guide the sales person to components in the solution that give the highest profit margin, and list more-selling options.
5) Communication – Write the documentation you want to send to the customer and highlights specific components important to the customer and where you are strong compared to the competition
6) Best Practice – Streamlines distribution of information to the sales force giving a faster time to market for new solutions and higher hit rates on sales.

The sales person launches ConfiGate SalesWorkPlace from MS CRM 3.0, giving the sales person the possibility to configure a solution/product for the customer, match the solution with the customer’s needs, select individual product options with respect to the competition in this instance, and ensure up-selling and cross-selling options. Once the solution is configured ConfiGate PAS calculates the price and write the proposal. The offer is send back to CRM both as a document and in XML format. This allows the sales person to easily revise the proposal and make any adjustments to the configuration in ConfiGate SalesWorkPlace . Once the customer orders the solution, ConfiGate sends the order to MS Dynamics generating a sales order, and breaking it down into BOM and BOL, routes and operations.

When setting op the product model in ConfiGate SalesWorkPlace Administrative Module, the administrator will ext

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