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Configuration for Navision and Axapta (Configurator - Konfigurator)

af GoApplicate A/S

SalesWorkPlace is a configurator for Navision and Axapta. SalesWorkPlace will give the customers the ability to:

- easily build product configurations
- facilitate the quotation building process
- writing proposals and other documentation

SalesWorkPlace provides a standard interface to Navision and Axapta based on SQL and XML. This allows the users to easily set up their product models based on information in their ERP system. When generating a proposal, SalesWorkPlace will tap into the ERP system for relevant Customer information, and when a proposal is turned to an order, ConfiGate will automatically generate the sales order line and break down the system into BOM and BOL.

SalesWorkPlace can be used on the following levels:

- in-house integrated with the Navision system - on-line
- on the road in a off-line format
- through a portal that will allow resellers to configure solutions
- as an open Internet front end allowing customers to configure their own solutions.

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