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Office Central - Journalize in- and outgoing emails

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Office Central is an email, contact and document collaboration tool for Outlook which enhances the collaboration between co-workers.

With Office Central you, and your group, can start organizing your emails, contacts and documents and get one access point to all information within your company. According to the latest research more than 50% of all critical business information is only found
in emails and the level of email communication in today's business is increasing. Companies that don't start journalizing now will be without a 'business record' in a few years time. Your company needs to start creating a business record as soon as possible
and Office Central can help you make the process automatic. Office Central is an automatic email and document journalizing system that will revolutionize the way your company or department works - and the way you and your colleagues work together. Office Central
will improve the knowledge base within your company, because you will get one access point to: A journalized system for all email communication and documents - no email will ever be deleted by mistake again. Office Central is a 'one-stop-shop' for knowledge
about your clients, prospects and partners that will help you increase productivity.

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