List in Microsoft Product Marketplaces

Reach Customers Who Need Your Specific Expertise

In addition to Pinpoint, you may increase your exposure by publishing your applications and professional services in the following marketplaces.  To list your profiles in these marketplaces, follow the links below to the respective marketplace criteria and step-by-step registration instructions.


Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace


Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace

 Office 365 Marketplace


Microsoft System Center Marketplace

 System Center Marketplace


Windows Server Marketplace


Windows Server Marketplace


Customizing Listings for Marketplaces


Your application and professional services may only be published on one of the product-specific marketplaces.  If your listing adds value to products in multiple marketplaces, create additional listings customized to each marketplace to increase your exposure.

For Example:

  • Your product ‘ABC Application’ enhances products from both the Windows Server and System Center product families and you would like to list in both marketplaces.
  • Create a profile for each marketplace, giving each profile a name corresponding to the products and marketplace it will be published in. (ABC Application for Windows Server, ABC Application for System Center)
  • Be sure to review the profile requirements for each marketplace to ensure you have made the proper ‘Works With’ selections and have met any additional software testing or MPN program enrollment criteria.