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CEM AX Construct

by CEM

CEM AX Construct is a salient product in the CEM’s product list. It is an industry centric, ready-made ERP solution developed by CEM that broadly offers comprehensive solutions to the construction industry. Shrinking the construction related complications CEM AX Construct could also be further customized to suit any particular requirement of the industry. This is certainly a class apart from its contemporaries with its versatility and powerful ERP platform.

CEM AX Construct has 8 modules developed for different functionalities concerning to the construction industry. CEM AX Construct is probably one of the very few available software systems that seamlessly integrate various modules of the construction industry like RMC, PMV, sub-contracting, labour management, tool management and advanced project management and scaffolding to ensure efficiency in a user-centric module. Thus, CEM AX Construct assists construction companies to manage their activities efficiently, making their process easy and simple.

With a user-friendly interface, CEM AX Construct offers tool like Cost Control which efficiently manage Cost Estimating and Cost Accounting, Cash flow analysis, Direct Labour Costing and Overhead Rate Costing, Planning and Scheduling, Progress Measuring System, Value Engineering Analysis, Quality Assurance and Quality Compliance Planning, Project Risk Analysis, Project Change Orders Management, Contracting Administration, Contractual Claims Management, Accounting and Auditing. In addition, CEM AX Construct also renders Project Accounting which allows companies to accurately assess the ROI of individual projects, enables performance measurement, calculate funding advances, and actual versus budgeted cost variances.

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