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CEM AX Payroll

by CEM

CEM AX Payroll is a strategic tool for monitoring performance and deploying resources across the organisation. CfMD certified for its code conduct by Microsoft, CEM AX Payroll has passed the rigorous tests and standards set by the same.

CEM AX Payroll is a smart choice to overcome HR related challenges that arise in an organization and to win employee satisfaction. Lack of efficient payroll management results in attrition of employees and productivity. With flexible user-defined rules, businesses can adapt to changing workforce needs and demanding requirements. CEM AX Payroll simplifies payroll processing and reconciliations. It can help businesses streamline their processes, reduce costs, gain insight into personnel costs and improve payroll accuracy.

The different modules of AX Payroll are Leave Management, Claims Management, Time Management, Loan Management, Employee Relationship Management and Insurance Administration. A must have for your business success, CEM AX 2012 Payroll is a vital factor improving any industry and building a perfect employer-employee relationship by shrinking the complexities in administration processes.

• Time Management: Capture workday details including attendance, shift cycle and overtime information of employees. Creation of any number of shifts with multiple shift timings including flexi hours
• Absenteeism: Efficiently calculate employee attendance. Define any form of absence code with base parameters, capture actual leave dates, define custom validations and initiate leave settlement payroll based on the leave type parameters you choose
• Social Security: Capture Employee contribution details when both employer and employee contribute an amount, which can be directed to the payroll as a deduction
• Loans and Advances: Facilitate advance payments and deductions in instalments. Manage employee eligibility and multiple types of loans and advances through the employee benefit interface
• Payroll Process: Define any number of pay elements, which are categorized for ease of calculation and posting. AX automatically fetches relevant records from Loans and advances, claims, absence management and time management during the payroll process

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