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Comprehensive Education Plan with SharePoint

by Infusion

Infusion has developed an online solution that will walk each school through a defined workflow and approval process and manage the collaboration and information dissemination involved in completing their annual CEP document.

This solution is a Web application that has been built upon ASP.NET and SharePoint technologies. To allow for a high degree of customization this solution has built upon proven industry leading technology.

This architecture provides the following benefits:

- Automate and facilitate the cumbersome process of managing, completing and approving the CEP document
- The CEP Portal solution is be a “one-stop-shop” providing information to the specific needs of an individual
- Consolidates all necessary information and tools required to complete the CEP in one centralized location
- Integration of School ReportCards which were previously distributed to each school on a CD
- The dashboards can dynamically change and display pertinent reports and supporting documents
- Ability to migrate over to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

The previously daunting task of each school completing a physical CEP document (400 pages) within Microsoft Word was a manual and cumbersome one that led to difficulties with collaboration, document-versioning, and information dissemination. With CEP it will allow School Leadership Teams an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the current instructional programs, develop goals and objectives. Lastly this will create action plans that will translate into observable, effective strategies to improve student achievement.

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