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SMART - Finance KPI Manager for Finance Departments

by Infusion

Our product, SMART, is a performance management oriented platform used to calculate and monitor key performance indicators in a mission-critical business or government environment.

With SMART, the Department of Finance (DoF) can experience the following benefits:
- Increased efficiency and lower cost
- Improved ROI
- On-demand data access
- Flexible, user-specific data views

With SMART, customers can efficiently evaluate the public's experience with the DoF and ensure accountability and transparency throughout over 20 DoF sub-departments. These capabilities result in lower costs, efficient data collection and analysis, more accurate priority-setting, and greater accountability to the public.

SMART offers a key benefit to the DoF: the department is able to integrate over 4000 separate KPIs into less than 400 without sacrificing the richness of the data displayed to end users. Unlike other products that typically track between 15 - 25 KPIs, Infusion's SMART system tracks and integrates a comparatively massive amount of data while also offering the sort of interoperability and cost-savings that only Microsoft technology can provide.

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