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Codit Integration Dashboard

by Codit

Codit Integration Dashboard is an off-the-shelf solution that allows functional and technical key users to monitor integration platforms and better control business processes and operations.

Due to their critical business impact, integration solutions are typically built to last. This means that the operational cost of your integration solutions takes a considerable amount of the overall Total Cost of Ownership. The Codit Integration Dashboard is designed to lower the support cost of integration solutions by providing a one stop shop for managing your business processes connected with all your line–of-business applications.

The Dashboard is a Microsoft .NET based secured web application, providing a functional overview of the state and exceptions of all your business processes. It comes with an out of the box implementation for Microsoft BizTalk Server. Additionally it provides the functionality to integrate line-of-business application logging to monitor your entire business process from start to finish.

The Codit Integration Dashboard targets functional key users and IT operation users. The functional key users are usually managing the business flows on a day to day functional level. At IT operation level we have the IT operation users who are responsible for the day to day technical support of the platform.

The Codit Integration Dashboard allows the users to find messages and handle functional exceptions without having any technical background. The link between the Microsoft BizTalk Server message flows and the actual business processes are not always easy to visualize using the out of the box tools. While troubleshooting your business processes it is important to have full transparency of each and every step throughout the entire flow.

The Codit Integration Dashboard visualizes the link between the Microsoft BizTalk Server messages and the business processes. This allows users to efficiently manage the platform and quickly resolve all business issues.

Features available within Codit Dashboard:
- Real time view on your business
- Re-injecting of a (modified) message
- Functional Overview of the Business Process
- An open architecture

The Codit Dashboard comes with a generic user interface. All functionalities are available as services that can be reused in any UI application. Typically we offer business adapted user interfaces (as custom solutions): e.g. a HL7 Dashboard for Healthcare, a Track and Tracing Dashboard for Logistics

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