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Codit Managed Services

by Codit

To be successful and differentiate from the competition, organizations need to choose a clever integration of people, applications and business partners. Business integration helps companies to reduce IT maintenance costs, gain competitiveness and improve operational visibility. By leveraging your business integration solutions, Codit Managed Services allows you to allocate your internal resources better, accelerate your capability to adapt to a changing world and control your costs.

Vital mission - An integrated solution or middleware platform such as Microsoft BizTalk Server is vertically integrated within the organization. Distributing data on time and in any format, it is a vital piece of infrastructure. Because it enables new ways of doing business, an integration hub helps to achieve important corporate goals and creates value for stakeholders. Codit Managed Services supports, maintains and adapts your integration platform to ensure the continuity in your business operations day in day out.

Codit’s team of highly technically skilled engineers are trained to understand your business needs and processes. With agreements made in partnership with you, we provide a one-stop integration competence center. What we do:

- Support, maintain and manage: rely on the highest level of expertise of our MicrosoftC ertified Technology Specialists, without having to invest in recruitment,skill development or training programs

- Change: allow your company to adapt quickly to new business requirements and maintain a high level of business agility

- Monitor: your solution is monitored by high quality innovative tools

- Measure: specialists will interpret data to take action before issues arise.

- Report: health check reports and operational audits on the integration platform that help you to demonstrate the added business value of the integration solution.

- Outsource: either on premise, hosted or cloud based; have your integration solution better managed by outsourcing to us.

We organize our services so they are adapted to your needs, your budget and the required Service Level Agreement.

Codit operates the largest Managed Services Center in Europe that solely focuses on managing and supporting Microsoft Integration Solutions. Within Europe, we represent the largest Managed Services team for Microsoft’s BizTalk Server.

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