Inaport 30 Days

by InaPlex

Inaport 30 Days – Fast and Reliable Data Migration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Inaport, from InaPlex, is a specialized solution for data migration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Inaport provides rapid and sure migration from almost any source. Users can setup their own profiles, or make use of predefined templates for migration from a range of CRM systems.

Predefined templates deliver fast and comprehensive migration with little user intervention. They are available for select CRM systems and allow migration of most, if not all, customer details – from regular contact information, to emails, history and notes. Templates are easily modified to cater for non-standard CRM implementations to ensure a complete migration is achieved.

Inaport 30 Days is also ideal for custom migrations and is identical in functionality to the full Inaport Professional license. This makes customizing migration templates, or setting up entirely new ones, extremely easy. Inaport 30 Days can help ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Migration templates are provided for no additional charge with the Inaport 30 Days license, and migration licenses can easily be upgraded to a full Inaport license. A list of migration templates can be found at, or simply call InaPlex to discuss your particular migration needs.

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