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by MagPointer

MagPointer is an innovative software that makes presentations more effective and interactive.

Automatically launched once a PowerPoint slideshow begins, MagPointer allows you to highlight, focus or magnify any slide object, on-the-fly and without any preparation. In many cases, MagPointer's ease-of-use, rich functionality and flexibility will free you altogether from the need to prepare slideshow animation in advance, saving you precious time.

Whether in a face-to-face presentation or during an online webinar, MagPointer helps you make your point and helps your audience follow you.

Main features:

- Focusing on a specific slide object
- Focusing on specific area in a slide (creating frames)
- Highlighting text paragraphs, table cells, rows or columns
- High-quality picture enlargement
- Dimming the screen outside of the selected object
- Navigation through slide elements
- Navigation through table cells
- Laser pointer
- Easy-to-use powerful magnifier
- Magnifier spots (“frozen” enlarged highlighted areas)

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