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MidaMeetingRoom Suite

by Mida Solutions s.r.l.

This is a unique and powerfull suite of services designed to address the common and frustrating problems that large organizations suffer every day managing many meeting rooms in multiple office locations.

The application suite includes:
- Interactive display for meeting rooms: a tablet placed just outside the door of each meeting room it displays the room status and coming events; based on standard tablet hardware, e.g. Micorsoft surface. It can provide interactive services related to the room
- Mobile Room booking: Mobile app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android to reserve a room from any mobile smartphone
- VC Commander: get rid of old remote commanders for all your video termianls and handle video conferences with a personal, easy to use app designed for iPAD, MS Surface and Android tablets
- Mobile4Mobility: Need faster reaction to unplanned meetings… e.g. call rapidly an additional person from the room by just using your mobile phone like a remote commander of the desk phone. The advantage? contacts are always on your mobile phone.... anyway deskphone louspeaker are much better and they don't drain your battery!

This application suite collects the data dynamically from the available resource rooms managed on MS Exchange Server. Tablets and mobile apps are developed on Windows Phone and Windows 8, leveraging the intuitive and fast tile based interface!

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