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Founded in Athens, Greece in 1995, Relational has been transformed from one of the most promising independent software vendors with 130 employees in Greece, to an International Software Developer and Integrator with offices in 6 European countries and a client base all over Europe and in several African countries.
Relational has developed mission critical software assets for Government, Banking, Retail and Telecoms while it also represents actively and exclusively a number of International software vendors and their respective products.
We have a significant number (over 300) of corporate customers in almost all industries. Especially in banking there are over 50.000 users using our mission critical applications. We deliver end-to-end solutions including enterprise infrastructure business solutions, mobile software solutions for information management, development, and integration. With Relational, our customers gain maximum competitive advantage by getting maximum value from their information assets. Some of our customers trust Relational’s systems with the safety of their most critical data in commerce, communications, finance, and government.
Since our founding we have earned the trust of many leading companies for our ability to manage information and deliver unsurpassed levels of data reliability and security.
With a loyal, international customer base and a leading presence in key vertical markets including financial services, telecommunications, commerce and government, Relational is enabling customers of all sizes to realize the “Unwired Enterprise”, where information flows freely and securely within an organization, whether workers conduct business inside the office or on the road.

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