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Ensuring that every application in the enterprise is up-to-date and compliant is a timely and expensive maintenance task. If not managed actively, out-of-date applications cause end user productivity disruptions, a high level of help desk support calls, and potential security threats.

Atea AppUpdate is a unique concept where Atea consultants take care of the tedious job of maintaining the most commonly used applications for you.

Atea has discovered that most companies use the same base 55+ applications which are released in new versions, with security updates or service packs, several times a year. This list includes Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, iTunes, Google products, VLC and many more.

With the AppUpdate service, you choose which applications you need monitored or you can subscribe to the full list. When updates become available, Atea creates fully tested application packages for you in MSI or App-V format. Packages are delivered to you with full documentation and guides on how to implement the updates in your software distribution system.

Included in this service is the Atea Application Manager tool built to integrate with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, used for storing and managing all data relevant to your application portfolio.

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