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EPM Solutions - SharePoint and WSS

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Business Process Management
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    Microsoft .NET Framework
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    Professional Services

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server have together brought in a truly impeccable and wide-ranging Microsoft EPM Solution. Microsoft Project provides the user with strong and practical tools for the purpose of organizational project management and SharePoint work management solution, besides providing the ability to smartly integrate the stack holder dashboard vision with WSS customization (Web parts creation), as the result of which as delivering of Enterprise Project Management solution even for a small group to an enterprise can be made possible. Microsoft Project indeed is one of the quick and top-notch user acceptances EPM solutions with a positive client feedback.

As, we are always ready to offer the latest in Microsoft Office Project with use of SharePoint. Our resourceful solutions comprise:
• SharePoint solutions that will integrate and seamlessly distribute Project .mpp file data into SharePoint Workspaces in different segments of organization that would otherwise simplify the workflow
• Smart Sync with Project .mpp file data inside the SharePoint
• Executive Dashboard with custom reports are offered to executives also comprising organization wide calendar and event sharing features such as wikis, blogs or other out of box features of MOSS / SHAREPOINT as needed by stack holders, or for that matter by MIS report that brings decisive changes to your executive’s efforts.
• Work collaborations with the ongoing processes in the organization
• Offer bespoke as and pre constructed workspace templates available
• Engage in the Legacy or Microsoft or 3rd party integration with the help of SharePoint for enhancing value of reports to the executives added in the dash board.

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