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HR Management System On Sharepoint 2013

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Business Application Development
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    Microsoft .NET Framework
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    Professional Services

We at Bitscape help organisations develop robust web based application and collaboration software solutions as SharePoint 2013 has new functionalities and capabilities harnessing any business objective and challenges most organisations facing nowadays.

Human Resources management is a need of major organizations where they require a system which includes,Storing organization Personnel information with system and keep it up to date, Add/Edit of employee information like education/experience/health/language/training and adding a tabbed view for each section, Personnel ratings, Automate the process of member transferring by filling Transfer Outgoing and Transfer, Incoming forms, Manage Meeting attendance and absent information and generating report, Organization structure based on the information of members end their manager, Import and export list from and to Excel file, Generate custom reports from existing list and fields, Workflow to automate process for approvals from and within department to central, manager, Audit and log, History would be kept for all past information and activities for later use, Dashboards, Email integration for Alert and Notifications, Security groups with windows Authentication and name a few.

Bitscape being an IT consulting firm has helped many organisations e.g. for HR management system, with a must need functionalities like.

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