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NEC Programmable Flow Networking

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NEC Named Best of Interop 2012 Winner
ProgrammableFlow Controller Wins Grand Prize and the Management, Monitoring & Testing Category

NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking offers a simple solution for complex networks.

A next-generation solution, ProgrammableFlow uses NEC’s OpenFlow technology to deliver a flattened, open networking topology that simplifies network management, proactively addresses performance and contributes to high availability of mission-critical business processes.

ProgrammableFlow is:
Simple - ProgrammableFlow centralizes control of the network, eliminates the need for distributed protocols such as Spanning Tree.
Fast - ProgrammableFlow automatically monitors network traffic and distributes it according to custom-defined policies and continuously updated network resources and traffic conditions.
Scalable - You can scale ProgrammableFlow from managing the traffic on a single rack that is integrated into an existing network to managing the traffic within an entire data center.
Open - ProgrammableFlow separates network control from switch hardware. As a result, organizations can make infrastructure investment decisions that are independent from the network features they want to support.

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