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ScienceSoft Inc.

Cloud Infrastructure Management (CIM) Services

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Cloud Infrastructure Management services provide scalability to businesses. By enabling IT resources to be consolidated, multiple users can share a common infrastructure without sacrificing the security of each user's data. This allows to reduce operational and future costs.

Hybrid cloud enables to easy deploy infrastructure services on your own facilities or in a 3rd-party datacenter to be sure that your services will work without downtime.

Your challenges:

- Low scalability of IT infrastructure hinders the growth of your business.
- Lack of skilled IT resources.
- Need for seamless mobile access to your IT infrastructure.
- IT infrastructure failover increase.
- IT budgets reduction.
- Service delivery time reduction.

ScienceSoft provides:

- Cloud Infrastructure Design and Development
- Cloud Infrastructure Administration and Maintenance
- Private and Hybrid Cloud Integration

Team of certified cloud architects and administrators will help you implement the cloud and make your IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable. Our experts have extensive experience in wide range of cloud technologies.

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