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SharePoint 2013 DMS

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Microsoft .NET Framework
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    Professional Services

Microsoft SharePoint is becoming popular for document management system among information workers, business executive or any organisation due to its exciting new set of functionalities which allows business to automate its different process in accordance with DMS by SharePoint 2013.

A business can have Root site and department wise sites, Dashboard for each site with company news/announcements/calendars, Security on some information to show only to pre-destinated collection of users, Configure root site contents like mission & vision, CEO message, Board of directors, organization chart, repositories, picture library, link list.

Bitscape has delivered plenty of solution on DMS where a user can upload and Download scanned documents, sort and filter scanned documents, retrieve scanned documents based on rights assigned to user, search on scanned TIFF and PDF files using third party OCR solution.

We also help develop different process within an organisation to integrate with DMS and automate the process for seamless performance on disjointed platforms.

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