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SharePoint 2013 for Mobile Devices and Tablets

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    Microsoft .NET Framework
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Microsoft SharePoint server 2013 offers robust preview experiences for various mobile platforms and its rich set of features enhances worker productivity as well as usability. SharePoint2013 offers optimized mobile browser experience with different views like contemporary, classic and full screen UI whereas its purely depends on the mobile browser.

However it supports Mobile Internet Explorer version 9.0 or later versions for Windows Phone 8, android 4.0 or later version and for iPhone iOS 5.0Safari version 4.0 or later versions however all rendered in HTML5 and preview full desktop view of a SharePoint site on smart phones and tablets.

Moreover in SharePoint 2013, a publishing site can be mapped to use different page layouts, master pages and style sheets however using different designs a publishing site can be rendered or diverse platforms of devices.

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