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Professional email solution for hundreds. Thanks to the ASP model, fixed costs (HW, SW, backing up, server maintenance etc.) split between more clients and thus you gain far lower prices than with your own server, where you would have to cover all the fixed costs by yourself.

Leave the responsibility for choice, purchase, installation, integration and HW and SW maintenance on us. You can be fully concentrated on your business and we will take care of the e-mails.

Usually the procedure of setting up a new server takes weeks (HW and SW choosing, purchase, installation etc...). With us you order mailboxes today and tomorrow you can already e-mail.

You pay a monthly fee for your mailboxes. Thus you may plan your expenses for far future. Setting up an own server involves high opening costs and plenty of hidden costs and expenses (such as maintenance, reparations, upgrades, etc...) which aren't possible to estimate in advance.

We offer 30 days Exchange4U Hosted Exchange trial. During a month you can try and test our services without any engagements.

Don't look for expensive experts to take care of your server. We know Microsoft Exchange Server perfectly.

We guarantee the level of services recorded in SLA (Service Level Agreement). In case of not keeping the SLA, you are not obliged to pay the full charge of the fixed payment tariff for the corresponding month.

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