Do Your Offerings Meet Pinpoint Listing Criteria?

Support faster publication of your software applications and professional services listings on Pinpoint and the product marketplaces AND help customers find your offerings by aligning with the definitions and criteria below.

Listings must be tagged either as an application or as a professional service, not both.

If you offer an application AND a service that supports the application, please create two different listings.

Software Applications

Applications listed on Pinpoint are defined as complete, self-contained software programs and software components that extend the functionality of a software program such as bits, add-ins, plug-ins and web services. Applications listed on Pinpoint must be built on or integrate with Microsoft technologies.

Applications and related components listed on Pinpoint can be distributed and delivered as on-premise, hosted, downloadable or boxed and wrapped programs.

Application types featured on Pinpoint also include:

  • Network applications
  • Distributed applications (client and server together)
  • Customised implementations
  • Groupings of software applications that include both executable files and other software components, such as a database
  • System software (infrastructure) or middleware (computer services/processes integrators)


  • Applications must not harm customers or be malicious, dishonest, invasive, obscene or act in any manner restricted by the Terms of Use.
  • Applications must be built to run on Microsoft platform technologies, such as computer platforms (Windows Server, Windows Azure), applications platforms (CRM, SharePoint, Exchange) and client platforms.

Professional Services

Professional services listed on Pinpoint are defined as unique technology and business roles and operations performed by independent contract companies, partnerships or individuals with identifiable areas of expertise.

The professional services listed on Pinpoint are designed to give customers access to deeper levels of expertise than is feasible for them to retain in-house.

In general terms, professional services on Pinpoint constitute any function that is based on expanding and fulfilling the potential of Microsoft technologies either through human ingenuity or the implementation of applications and supporting technology.

Professional services on Pinpoint can include (but are not limited to):

  • Short- and long-term consultation
  • Technology assessments
  • Application implementations
  • Software and hardware installations
  • Hosting
  • Custom developed solutions
  • Training
  • Technology troubleshooting
  • Project management
  • Operational management
  • Retail and e-commerce strategies
  • Marketing and communications
  • Digital content creation and delivery
  • Deployment

Quick Listing Guidance

Again, listings must be tagged either as an application or as a professional service, not both. If you offer an application AND a service that supports the application, please create two different listings:

  • Application listing : includes details on the application, with reference to the related service(s).
  • Professional Service listing : includes the name of your application, with details about the service that supports it.

Naming your application and related professional service listing in similar ways will help customers make the association. For example, services that support an application called FastCRM App could be identified as:

  • FastCRM App Support
  • FastCRM App Training

Recommendations for ISVs:

  • Application supportability: ISVs should provide links to application support pages and/or other documentation.
  • Free trial version: ISVs should provide links to free trial versions and/or demos of the application.
  • Links: ISVs should include a direct link on their website to their application listings on Pinpoint so that potential customers can view relevant Microsoft certifications, as well as ratings and reviews by other customers.