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AXtension® Invoice Processing

by AXtension

Processing accounts payable invoices can be a time-consuming task. Many organizations find it hard to get a grip on the invoice handling process and this is especially true for organizations with complex approval processes. AXtension® Invoice Processing optimizes the accounts payable invoice process in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012. The entire process can be managed from a single overview screen, which reduces mouse-clicks and therefore improves productivity. The visual control signals allow the approver to manage by exception. Using one main workflow for all invoice types the customer saves money with shortened approval cycles, allowing them to benefit from early payment discounts. Its availability on the Enterprise Portal and the AXtension® Invoice Approval App accelerate the approval process even more. No more piles of paper invoices on a desk waiting for workflow approval, but an efficient e-mail notification or a simple signal on your desktop, tablet or phone when a vendor invoice requires attention. The approver can use this App to approve vendor invoices at their own convenience, whenever and wherever it’s required.

With the OCR integration the invoice entry is automated, which results in a reduction in manpower and errors resulting from manual input. The improved Retrieve product receipts screen lets you not only select purchase orders with purchase lines, but also drill down to packing slips and quantities. This is a major advantage for the accounts payable department and a huge efficiency gain.

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