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CionSystems Inc

Active Directory Manager

by CionSystems Inc

Active Directory (AD) is the backbone infrastructure for critical enterprise identity management and messaging services, and its availability and security must be assured. Windows native tools lack flexibility, automation and do not scale well in today's business environments. They create complexities when trying to distribute administrative roles securely, or offer insufficient reporting and real-time notification capabilities to insure the infrastructure availability and IT services before changes are put into production.

- Lower cost of operation
- Centralized access, single point of access
- Fast, automate user provisioning
- Full reporting and auditing
- Enforce policies and prove compliance
- Reliably manage access rights
- Helps with migration efforts
- Easy install and ramp-up
- All functionality included in one file, no need for multiple modules
- Task approvals decrease errors and inconsistencies – Pro version
- Automates the provisioning and deprovisioning process – Pro version
- Schedule the tasks of adding and removing objects – Pro version
- Monitor the execution of tasks – Pro version
- Ability to accept or operations deny requests – Pro version

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