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Binary Stream Software

Advanced Recurring Contract Billing for Dynamics GP

by Binary Stream Software

Binary Stream's Advanced Recurring Contract Billing manages and schedules regular billing periods in Great Plains based on recurring fixed-fees or metered fees. By enabling the metering feature, you can bill customers based on various units of measure. For example, Advanced Recurring Contract Billing suits ISP businesses by billing customers based on monthly bandwidth usage. Other applications of Advanced Recurring Contract Billing can be for telephone operators. Streamline your billing schedules with Advanced Recurring Contract Billing. Contact Binary Stream today to see how you can automate your recurring billing processes.

Features of Advanced Recurring Contract Billing:
• Create multiple billing schedules/contracts per customer
• Produce and deliver invoices in batchesImport metered/usage based quantities to update billing contracts
• Store, Track and Align billing dates for support contracts
• Automatically calculate annual support contract dues
• Customize billing schedules with user defined fields
• Import billing data and contracts from other systems
• Assign up to 40 user-defined fields to billing schedules
• Fully integrated to Advanced Revenue and Expense Deferrals and Multi-Entity Management

Benefits of Advanced Recurring Contract Billing:
• Automate the recurring invoicing process and never miss a billing period
• Accurate and timely reporting of billing data
• Maximize AR productivity
• Minimize manual data entry errors
• Increase accuracy of Forecasting
• Improve support and maintenance contract renewals
• Increase customer retention
• Simplify recurring payment management

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