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Advanced Service Scheduling for Dynamics CRM Integration to MapPoint

by Bortell Pty Ltd

Bortell MapPoint Scheduling is a cutting edge extension of the Dynamics CRM application. The solution allows any business to utilise its workforce very efficiently by providing real time and precise Scheduling abilities. The solution automates organisation processes to minimise human errors in scheduling.

The solution was built to streamline any call center/customer service desk. It fully integrates to MapPoint to enhance a company's workforce productivity and efficiency.

To optimise scheduling functionality, the solution assigned score to available time slot based on travel time from technicians current position to a client’s address and based on the company specific business rules.

Highest score would benefit the company and customer the most. The System prevents any overlap possibilities and makes sure the assigned technician is able to fulfil all jobs geographically and on time.

Once a technician has been assigned a particular job, the solution generates driving instructions that can viewed by the technicians from a PDA.

The system handles multi users scheduling without any time conflicts . It also generates refreshed results (real time information)

Using Ajax technology, the solution provides fast response to user requests (critical for call center situation).

The system looks after time zones differences within Australia, and daylight savings in Australia and New Zealand.

The solution is unique and provide the following key benefits:

- Accuracy of schedule time (close to 1 mn)
- Immediate real time response to users of the web application
- Scoring system to schedule technicians based on existing location, clients address and technicians skills and availabilities.

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