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Agrilink Holdings Website Access to Remote Monitoring System Data

by Morton Blacketer Pty Ltd

Morton Blacketer designed a new database and developed a software application to enable the automatic import of raw sensor and device configuration data. Old records are now overwritten with new information every half hour and user interfaces have been set
up to enable specialised processing and reporting over the Internet.

As the user required much of the data to be presented in a map format, Morton Blacketer worked with ESRI, and their geographic information system (GIS) software products, to provide the ultimate, end user functionality. This required the data for mapping to
be stored in both the Morton Blacketer and ESRI databases.

Applications were developed by Morton Blacketer to enable statistical reporting on selected sensors and daily statistics. Users can now find out the maximum daily air temperature, total daily rainfall and relative humidity in their region. Agrilink uses mathematical
modelling to interpret the likelihood of disease outbreak, based on variables such as air temperature, humidity, rainfall and crop type.

Morton Blacketer incorporated these models within software to automatically calculate indices for various crop diseases. Users subscribed to the Agrilink website can now establish the likelihood of a disease, such as powdery mildew, affecting their crops. From
the same website, they can also determine irrigation requirements for individual blocks.

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