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Certero Australia

AssetStudio® - Software Asset Management (SAM)

by Certero Australia

AssetStudio® Suite facilitates IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) challenges with a modern, affordable solution.

AssetStudio V4 is a revolutionary SAM solution which helps to make complex SAM administration a thing of the past and the intuitive User Interface means that the management of software assets is no longer restricted to the experts.

AssetStudio® covers all of the critical elements: Inventory, Software Delivery, and Licence Management and compliance allowing organisations to gain an accurate picture of their software estate. Enabling the comprehensive management of Virtualised and Thin client environments the solution offers a unique automation process to provide a real-time Effective Licence Position (ELP).

Key Features:

- Modular by design to reduce complexity, increase capability and remain simple to use

- Comprehensive functionality as and when you need it

- Business Intelligence - valuable knowledge in a few clicks

- AssetStudio® addresses even more challenges such as Virtualisation, Device Based Licensing (Citrix/Terminal Services), SaaS, Cloud, App-V, Clustering

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