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Australia - CouncilRM™ - Council Relationship Management

by JayThom

This single solution meets the needs of local Australian communities and plays a crucial role in the operations of local government. With input from council officials and industry leaders, CouncilRM™ is a fully integrated solution to other internal council systems, providing a more consistent and interactive community experience.

CouncilRM™ offers a number of key benefits to local government including the ability to manage:

- Internal and external community relationships
- Organisations and contacts with relational roles
- Community requests
- Event planning
- Facility bookings
- SMS community alerts sponsor and volunteers management
- Youth service and family care consultants
- Communication lists
- Integration to web and internal systems

Benefits Include:
- Improves Community Services - officers are equipped to provide prompt and accurate services to community requests. SMS capability extends this to community alerts.

- Meets the conditions of Australian local government - CouncilRM™ has been built with input from Australian council officials & industry leaders

- Ensures security in your investment - CouncilRM™ lets you leverage your current investment in Microsoft technologies; seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft applications; allows faster & more productive learning curve - users stay working in familiar Outlook environment; ongoing security as worldwide partner community actively develops add-on functionality for the Citizen Services Platform (CSP) initiative.

CouncilRM Strengthens Relationships with:

Young Citizens
Community leaders
Elected officials
Politicians ...and more

From the familiar Outlook environment, CouncilRM™ enables council workers to better manage relationships and communications and ensures a faster learning curve and more productive user experience. CouncilRM™ also leverages from your current investment in Microsoft technologies and seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft applications. In addition, an active worldwide partner community developing add-on functionality for the Citizen Services Platform (CSP) initiative assures councils of on-going security in this investment.

CouncilRM™ also provides choice of deployment allowing organisations to deploy on-premise or access the solution from a secure, fully hosted environment where you pay a monthly fee with the ability to scale up or down as needed.

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