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AvePoint Productivity Suite for Dynamics CRM

by AvePoint

The AvePoint Productivity Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves user productivity, eases customer interactions, and helps organizations collaborate with confidence while growing revenue and impact.

The Productivity Suite includes telephone integration for automated activity logging, search across all Dynamics CRM assets, quick recovery or roll-back of records that were accidentally deleted or modified, and the ability to add tags to all entity records.

• Key Benefits
- Optimize business productivity and quality in order to focus resources on higher-value activities such as custom dashboard development, process automation, and report creation
- Ensure data quality with Record Rollback, restoring altered or deleted business-critical account information to a previous point in time in order to undo unintended or malicious changes
- Increase user productivity and management insight into customer relationships with automated logging of phone, Skype, or Microsoft Lync call activity
- Enhance in-bound customer service and contact center support by empowering users with robust search across all CRM assets, including support tickets, licenses, and customer contacts
- Improve CRM Asset classification, analysis and insight with metadata tagging, metadata-based search, and reporting on tag utilization across entity sets

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