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BrightXpress Mobility Suite

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From day one, our goal has been to make the lives of mobile solution providers and developers a bit easier by providing them with an end-to-end mobility platform. Developing, deploying and maintaining mobile business solutions is an extremely complex task. The hurdles include mastering complexities of mobile development on various different devices, secure and robust data synchronisation between mobile devices and back office system, integration into enterprise data sources, application distribution and updates, and more. For successful mobility solutions, one would need more than a programming language. A more highly abstracted product set is needed to cover the basic requirements of a mobility solution so that the teams can focus just on the business requirements rather than the intricacies of the mobile software development.

At Bright Software, this is exactly what we have been working very hard to achieve: A unified complete set of tools and products that provide a solid platform from which solution providers and application developers can start building mobile solutions.

BrightXpress Mobility Suite aims to address the mobility infrastructure requirements and to allow mobility solution providers and developers to concentrate their efforts on the business’s real mobility requirements and deliver high business value and customer satisfaction.Scalable and robust BrightXpress Mobility Suite is built upon open industry standards to deliver a future proof technology platform for creating pain free business mobility solutions.

BrightXpress Mobility Suite includes the following products :

BrightForms™ Mobile Device Engine runs on the mobile devices. It handles secure data synchronization to and from back office systems, application distribution and updates. With its local database, it allows mobile users to work offline when a server connection is not available or in full “always-on” online mode over various data channels. BrightForms™ handles a large variety of peripherals including mobile printers, barcode scanners, GPS devices, serial magnetic card readers, and more.
BrightBuilder™ Mobile Application Designer is the rapid application development tool for building and deploying mobile enterprise applications. It provides a single point to design, implement, test and deploy applications using a modular user interface. It employs the Drag And Drop methodology extensively for creating forms based applications by even non or inexperienced programmers. It helps to reduce the skill set and the application development effort drastically.
BrightXpress Mobile Data Gateway is the mobile server product. It is the gateway between the remote field mobile devices and back office systems. Our Mobile Data Gateway provides a secure, scalable and robust interface between the field users and the backend business systems. With the built-in integration product, it allows data exchange between various back office systems via relational databases, flat text or XML files, web services and more. Its synchronization engine detects and transmits only the compressed changed data to the mobile devices in the field. The application distribution mechanism allows seamless push of the application changes to the remote devices. The critical business data can also be sent to mobile devices in real time by using the Push module.

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