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CapexPro: Complete Complex Building And Construction Capital Works Management

by Kiandra IT Pty Ltd

Our company, Kiandra has teamed with Kremmer Management Group to solve the needs of organizations of all sizes engaged in multiple simultaneous building and construction capital works programs.  The resulting product, Capex Pro, is a application-oriented platform used to budget, plan, manage, and implement capital works programs, available via a range of on-premise and cloud-based delivery options.

It is a full Microsoft technology stack software application solution incorporating Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4, WCF, .NET 4.0 and ASP.NET MVC2.

Customers enjoy the following benefits from using Capex Pro:   

• Massive ROI – plugs the revenue loss drain, leads to reductions in staffing and overhead costs and dramatically improves the timeliness of decision support information. 

• No IT installation required – secure, cloud-based solution that supports unlimited, multiple users working across geographically dispersed locations.

• Plan for years, not months – optimizes strategic planning and performance of the entire capital program over the full planning horizon.

• Drastically improve efficiencies – eliminates existing chaotic and non-productive manual processes, ad-hoc spreadsheets, and substantially improves data accuracy, validity and security.

• Enforce governance requirements – ensures transparency and process compliance against corporate governance standards.

• Meet expectations – drives reliable and predictable project outcomes and monitors a diverse range of projects systematically and consistently.

• Better communication – helps manage internal and external stakeholder expectations though greater visibility and closer alignment of targets and forecasts.

• Greater knowledge – encourages continuous organizational improvement through shared knowledge and lessons learned.

• Ensure accountability – maintains a full audit trail and project history for future reference and benchmarking.

With Capex Pro, customers can manage all the key aspects of capital works programs, including project attributes, phases, key dates, status, cash flows, budgets, funds, cost plans, critical and non-critical document storage and control, issues, change management, risks, work packages, safety records, diary logs, interfaces, lessons learned, stakeholders, contractors and suppliers.  These capabilities result in a comprehensive and complete end-to-end solution to budget, plan, manage, and implement capital works.

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capex pro looks like a fascinating brand new venture

Reviewed by:douggy881 Reviewed on:29/08/2010

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Managing projects is no longer enough, it is time to think big picture!

Reviewed by:CarlyN000 Reviewed on:29/08/2010

  • 5.0
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Sophisticated yet simple to use for any organisation managing programs

Reviewed by:TomDonaldson1 Reviewed on:29/08/2010

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