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Corporate Performance Management

by Adv-Fusionex Sdn Bhd

The current global financial crisis coupled with increasing regulatory and statutory controls have resulted in a push for stronger financial efficacy and governance for all CFOs. In many ways, most organisations are venturing into the use of technology to enforce the desired governance and controls, while also taking the opportunity to streamline financial operations for improved efficiency.

Challenges Faced By Businesses:
• Current financial operations are extremely manual with lots of manual report consolidation and generation.
• No single, integrated system with built-in processes for all financial operations and purposes. For example, financial budgeting and planning, consolidation, disclosures, allocations are all performed either manually or in islands of systems.
• Lack of controlled / structured processes for operations such as planning and budgeting, as well as cost allocations.
• No system-enforced workflow to streamline and govern standardised processes.
• Workforce overclocking hours during month-end closing periods but seemingly under-utilised during other periods of the month i.e. sub-optimised workforce.

The Fusionex Solution
Our advanced solution, based on Tagetik Software and customised to suit your needs, amplifies the value of a Corporate Performance Management system, featuring easily understood and implemented functions.
• A total solution package to cater for all Finance operations of any organisation; from budgeting and planning, cost allocation, consolidation, disclosures to report generation and automation.
• Graphical workflow configuration for ease of process and workflow definition without the need for IT Support and Helpdesk.
• Standardised process and controls that can be enforced organisation-wide to ensure consistency with data quality and integrity.
• Single product, single platform; promoting ease of maintenance and support.
• Easily scalable as opposed to other competitive products.

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