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Customer Self Service eCommerce Web Application

by Commerce Vision Pty Ltd

Commerce Vision’s Customer Self Service (CSS) enables your customers to transact with you electronically through online ordering, price checking, account functions, or accessing product specifications and features. By using Customer Self Service you and your customers save time and resources whilst freeing up customer support representatives to focus on high value activities.

With deep integration into your ERP system, Customer Self Service is not only integrated with sales order, stock, and customer information but also replicates the complex pricing, availability, order, and stock security logic that enables you to fully utilise the web as part of your multi-channel sales strategy

Customer Self Service is built using Microsoft's ASP.NET Web Application Framework and SQL Server database engine. It is hosted by Commerce Vision on servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Being built entirely on Microsoft platforms provides stability, security and scalability for Customer Self Service web sites.

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