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Document Publishing System using Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 and Office 2007

by Oconics Pty Ltd

Oconics has developed a solution framework that is flexible enough to record business documents in a real-time environment, whether this be reporting, dictating, mail merging or integrating with third party systems.

Utilising both Microsoft Office 2007 and SharePoint Portal Server 2007, Oconics is able to provide a framework that allows multiple people to work on individual documents directly linked back to SharePoint and Third Party products (i.e. Speech Recognition,
SQL Server Repositories) all with appropriate version control and document retention policies defined. Once all the information has been completed by the individuals the solution can then combine all the individuals work into a new master document ready to
publish to the end users.

These documents are dynamically generated on the server from SharePoint Portal Server 2007 and combines the latest versions of the documents in the correct sequence. Information is also drawn from Third Party sources (such as HR Systems) to pre-populate information
in these documents. Once the document is published, the end user has the ability to contextually search on it. For instance the product can filter search results on a particular document, and when returned only present the paragraph or section of document
that is relevant to the search query.

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