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Renown Corporation

Dynamics AX Advanced Project & Timesheet Module

by Renown Corporation

Do you have multiple companies and multiple offices? Resources paid in one company, working across projects that involve multiple offices or across legal entities? Manually transferring resource costs to the companies/division using the resource? Want automated alerts sent to Employees who have not entered time sheets? Do you have large numbers of the time sheet and expense to approve?

Adding functionality to the Dynamics AX Project Module, Renown’s Advanced Project & Timesheet Module provides:

- Intercompany Timesheet & Resourcing: Automates the process. Detects where employees (resources) belong to and are deployed on Projects belonging to another company. Allows for margins to be added. Charge a flat hourly rate or a margin added calculation.

- Advanced Timesheet Alerts Configurator: Configure & automatically broadcasting notifications for un-submitted timesheets to offending employees.

- Billable Timesheet Control: Configure business rules that control the number ofbillable hours charged to a project by employee. Employees enter timesheets without having to know the contractual billing arrangements.

- Daily Rate Billing: facilitate billing a daily rate to a client, independent of the number of hours entered in time sheeting.

- Advanced Labour Costing: A sophisticated labour costing model allows you to quantify all of the components of an employee’s cost. The cost can be drawn directly from the Australian Dynamics AX payroll module.

Plus other features:

- Bulk Time Sheet & Expense Approval
- Contractors RCTI Invoice (Recipient Created Tax Invoices)
- Employee Vendor Creation
- Credit Card Statement Import & Distribution to employees.

Renown are an Australian based Microsoft Dynamics Partner with offices in:
- Melbourne
- Sydney
- Brisbane
- Adelaide

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