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EduRe CRM Suite’s Delivery Management Module

by PNP Solutions

Milestone management, scheduling, and tracking of multiple invoices, capturing true costs of delivery and surplus as well as coordinating reimbursements, credits and refunds are all challenges facing Educational providers once they have won business.

How to capture the actual cost of a project, tracking of funds across faculties and business lines, and management of invoices and milestones?

Our Solution
EduRe’s Delivery Management CRM module is designed to help track and manage key components of the won business including the scheduling and status of invoices and key milestones. EduRe’s Delivery Management module is designed to capture the actuals of the business opportunity (as opposed to the expected in EduRe’s Business Opportunity Management module) allowing your organisation to produce acquittal reports and identify true costs of delivery, revenue (including actual external funding received) and surplus.

Key functionality of EduRe’s Delivery Management module includes the ability to:
• Track delivery milestones
• Manage invoice scheduling
• Track invoice stages
• Schedule reimbursements
• Request credits and refunds
• Report on acquittal
• Report on business activity

EduRe’s Delivery Management module interfaces seamlessly with all other EduRe CRM modules. It can also integrate with third-party or in-house custom entities. All EduRe modules can be customised to meet your specific needs.

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