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EnviroSys - Environmental Data Management & Reporting

by SRA Information Technology

EnviroSys is a scalable enterprise-wide application which offers users a configurable platform to collate, analyse, present and report environmental based information. It operates on a proactive basis by polling, auto loading and validating data. It is a web-based solution that offers accessibility anywhere, anytime and is adaptable to new monitoring requirements at any stage. In addition to this, EnviroSys provides for real-time analysis, dash-boarding, scheduled reporting capabilities, integration of spatial and temporal data sets and informs when events are triggered.

EnviroSys solutions cater for requirements across a number of industries in the areas of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutant reporting, energy consumption, water use and quality, waste management, sustainability reporting and general environmental monitoring such as weather.

Key benefits of implementing EnviroSys include;
- Legislative and Regulatory Compliance
- Environment Auditability and Internal Compliance
- Reduce the Risk of Data Loss
- Reduce the Dependence and Cost of External Contractors for Environmental Data and Services
- Data Integrity
- Proactive Monitoring of Risks and Trends
- Increased Productivity of Environmental Reporting
- Environmental Incident Responsiveness
- Integrated Systems
- Facilitating Continuous Improvement in Environmental Management

Using SQL and its built in business intelligence tools provides clients with the ability to delve deep into their environmental management

EnviroSys has won awards throughout Australia and internationally and it is in use by many of the world's largest mining, Oil & Gas producers. .

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