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    On-premises Application
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    Identity Management, Privacy
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    Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010, Microsoft Identity lifecycle manager 2007 (ILM 2007)
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    General - Applicable to All

Event Broker allows organisations to retain the integrity and reliability of a FIM-based solution, while at the same time giving it 'event awareness' that allows
it to break the shackles of the traditional scheduled and pre-programmed operation mode. This has a liberating effect that permeates every aspect of the operational environment, ensuring that identity provisioning and attribute flows occur only when necessary, and only for the relevant changes.

Event Broker effectively extends the FIM synchronization service to be a real-time, persistent and 'continuous compliant' platform.

Event Broker has an intuitive configuration interface that simplifies and streamlines the management and design of a FIM solution. Jobs, known as 'Operation Lists', are configured as a series of tasks or 'Operations'.

Operation Lists can be invoked either in response to a change event in a connected source (Incoming), in response to a pending export from the synchronization engine (Outgoing), or on a timed schedule

Most FIM-based Identity Management solutions evolve to include a variety of tasks and processes, and these can be expressed within Event Broker as Operations
within Operation Lists. Operations can be chained in a simple sequence, or to intelligently 'branch' based on the result of a preceding Operation. An Event Broker Operation can be

·   any standard FIM run profile

·   any one of a packaged set of plug-ins, such as a task to archive the run history or execute a SQL script, or

·   a label to support branching in operation sequence.
Each operation is configurable to allow override of the default assigned processing time-out and retry settings, together with a set of specific success return codes to provide maximum flexibility during configuration.

By virtue of its intuitive management console, Event Broker ensures a consistent paradigm for configuring and managing all operational activity for any FIM/ILM environment. In doing so it effectively reduces the overall complexity of the entire Microsoft Identity Management platform.

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