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Fax Server Software: Fenestrae Faxination Server 2013

by Fenestrae U.K.

Fenestrae Faxination Server 2013 optimizes your infrastructure and reduces IT maintenance costs. It supports the latest technologies and is inherently scalable from the largest global enterprises down to local SMBs including hardware or software-based network load balancing, active/passive clustering, and hardware-independent virtualization.
Fenestrae Faxination Server 2013 enables you to:
• Consolidate multiple fax servers into a single server
• Centralize and virtualize fax servers
• Integrate fax with business applications and MFP/MFD
• Add FoIP to your IT infrastructure
• Eliminate fax machines and fax lines
Fenestrae's software solution stands out due to the clientless, robust and scalable architecture, which makes the fax server and unified communications solution to be a choice of many of the Fortune 1000 companies.

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