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Fax over IP: Foip Connector

by Fenestrae U.K.

Just like voice-over-IP (VoIP), fax-over-IP (FoIP) applications use the existing IP data communications infrastructure to eliminate or minimize dedicated fax resources, analog transport, and long-distance and global dialing costs associated with fax transmissions.

With FoIP the fax server solutions can be completely virtualized. Therefore FoIP generates significant cost savings on hardware investment and maintenance. With FoIP a significant Carbon Emission (CO2) reduction can be achieved.

Centralized enterprise-based fax servers that support FoIP also enable organizations to host their own fax service while improving

- the economics
- management
- administration
- security
- control
- compliance
- storage of fax communications

When considering IP-based communications, the inclusion of fax as one of the converged communication channels helps create additional benefits. The rationalization of infrastructure and reduced IT management workload help drive down both direct and indirect costs involved with telephony and fax messaging. Fax-over-IP can save organizations money by centralizing administration and making more efficient use of existing telco connections.

With the Fenestrae FoIP Connector it is possible to lower your investment cost in the Unified Communications and ICT environments because there is no need for additional hardware. Fenestrae Communication Server 2010 has the option of an integrated fax-over-IP Connector to support FoIP SIP Gateways (T.38 protocol), without the need for any additional software or hardware.

This FoIP Connector is certified for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager) as well as Dialogic and AudioCodes Media Gateways.

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