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Altriz Technology

Fleetwork Trainer

by Altriz Technology

Fleetwork Trainer (FWT) is a component of Altriz Naval Training Simulator. Fleetwork Trainer gained it name from the nature of the training conducted by the Navy in maneuvering their ships in certain formations followed by flashing of lights and hoisting of flags which constitute some form of tactical naval communication.

Tactical communication means a form of communication designed in accordance with naval communication plans perimeters as well as conforming to the Allied Tactical Publication (NATO Publication) which is accepted by all navies in the world.

Being a training simulator, FWT consists of two major modules namely:-

Instructor Module

The Instructor Module is used to setup the training scenarios, control and monitor the exercise. Training scenarios such as day and night, sunset and sunrise, sea wave and under water currents, wind and tidal.

Trainee Module

The Trainee Module creates the 3D view of the training perimeters. It acts as the ship communication console in which trainees can perform all the communication activities such as flag hoisting, flashing and sounding. The ship control panel allows the trainees to command the ship according to a given communication plan.

The Trainee 3D screen generates a panoramic view of all the exercise perimeters set by the Instructor.

Training Scenarios

As a whole, the areas of tactical communication training provided by the FWT are as follows:-

• Preparation for Leaving Sea
• Swept Channel
• Preparation of Entering Foggy Area
• Preparation of Action and Defense Station
• Breakdown at Sea
• Flying Station
• Replenishment at Sea
• Ship Maneuvering
• Towing
• Mooring
• Man Overboard
• Emergencies Station
• Formation Anchorage

Features & Capabilities

To comply with the naval training doctrines, the FWT has been meticulously designed and constructed with the following user friendly features:-

• Freezing and Unfreezing Control
• Tactical Messaging
• Voice communication between Instructor and Trainee
• Voice communication between Trainees
• Real watch time and tunneling
• Record and Playback
• Trainee Monitoring Control
• Trainee Take over Control
• Question Scripts
• Electronic Plotting Form
• Local Navy Ships
• ENC for Local Exercise Areas

Target Audience of FWT
• Basic Tactical Communication Operator
• Class 1 Tactical Communication Operator
• Leading Tactical Communication Operator
• Supervisory Tactical Communication Operator
• Tactical Communication Instructors
• Naval Junior Officers

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