Franchise Technology Platform

by Productiv

The Franchise Solution effectively delivers a best in class Franchise system hosted within a datacentre that enables both delivery of specific line of business applications, as well as full collaboration facilities (Voice, Video, Instant Message, Shared
workspaces, document management, worklfow for governance and business intelligence) thus allowing for a scalable system of business that allows for planned growth.

The system also provides secure and reliable access to data, with world class solutions for backup and disaster recovery.User productivity of this solution has been seen to improve tremendously, as Franchises can now conduct monthly coaching and mentoring sessions
online, whilst allowing them to collaborate in real time, to review their monthly performance dashboards and receive advice as to how they can optimise their business.

The solution provides all Franchises with a consolidated repository for all member Franchisors, which include the following functions, that are all governed by workflow thus minimising error.

Business Intelligence, Document & Records Management, Procedures & Policies and Licensing models have also been included to allow Franchises to deliver the solution at a monthly price as an operational cost that suits a Franchisor's budget. 

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