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Free Online Barcode Generator / QR Code Generator


This free online barcode generator enables you to create arbitrary 2D, GS1, postal and linear bar codes without any local software installation.

What makes this online barcode generator so special?

Embed this barcode maker service directly into your web-application, website or even HTML emails and create bar codes immediately. A simple hyperlink or HTML image tag with the appropriate parameters is all you need for this purpose. The created bar codes are available as images (e.g. PNG or GIF). The parameters for controlling the bar code symbology and the bar code appearance are explained in detail on http://barcode.tec-it.com. Just copy and paste the ready-to-use HTML snippets into your web-site.

Bar code creation works completely transparent for end users. Only the generated bar codes are displayed, a reference to TEC-IT is not visible.

The online barcode service supports a subset of the barcode symbologies available in TEC-IT’s barcode generator TBarCode SDK. Just to name a few:

- Code 2 of 5
- Code 39
- Code 128
- EAN 128
- GS1 DataBar (including all variants like composite codes)
- EAN 8, EAN 13
- 2D codes for mobile tagging applications (vCard, meCard, SMS, URL, ..)
- QR code
- Data Matrix
- Aztec code
- PDF417
- USPS PostNet (Intelligent Mail)
- Royal Mail 4-State Code
- Japanese Postal Code
- Australian Postal Code
- KIX Code
- and more.

This use of this barcode application is free for non-commercial, non-profit or private use. For high-volume or commercial applications please get in touch with TEC-IT.

If you are interested in an intranet-instance of this web-app contact us. You need Windows Server 2008 (or newer) with IIS and .NET 2.0.

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