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Hands-on Systems

Geospatial Location Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics

by Hands-on Systems

Hands-On Systems Geospatial Location Intelligence solution is based on Microsoft technologies including SQL Server and Visual Earth to provide answers to vital questions;

For your organisation:

- Where are the key hotspots where the relevant events to my organization are happening?

- Where are the geographic areas where we are successful, and where we are not? 

- Where are my customers located?

- Where are my people or mobile assets now?

For prospects and customers:

- Where do I go to get your products?

- How do I get there?

- What else do you offer to help make it easy for me?

- Why is it better to keep doing business with you?

- Is there something special happening that will benefit me?

- How long will it take my service person to reach me?

Hands-On Systems provides the solution that answer questions like these for customers in a range of industries including Retail, Distribution, Transport, Mining and Service.

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