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Hardcat - Asset Management Software

by Hardcat

Hardcat software provides "cradle to grave" fixed asset management and is able to track every aspect of the asset's life from initial budget proposal through to final disposal.

It consists of a Core Asset Management Module and elective modules catering for Purchasing, Barcoding, Depreciation, Help Desk, Maintenance and Stock Control. As a further option, our External Interface Module also allows external applications (eg, web browser,
ERP systems) to directly enact various transactions in Hardcat, allowing seamless integration of our best-of-breed asset management into your overall IT solution.

The Core Module, like all Hardcat software, combines highly detailed recording and reporting with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The level of detail you wish to record is up to you, but may include: asset details (i.e. type, serial number, description)
purchase price & current valuation warranty/maintenance dates & costs components and attatchments movement to different locations, cost centres or people associated asset management costs lease & rental information cost centre & ownership supplier and maintenance
provider user defined information by asset type change history & audit trail.

Information held against each Asset can be accessed and sorted by virtually any field in the Hardcat database, for example: barcode number; asset number; serial number; asset description; asset type/sub-type standard name; location code; cost centre code; supplier,
owner, plus user defined fields (see illustration). The ability to create user-defined fields enables the user to tailor the database to meet their organizational management information requirements. Fields can be added that are common to all assets, or specific
to an asset type.

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