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IntelliMax Solutions Pty Ltd

Intellimax ISV: Business Intelligence Solution

by IntelliMax Solutions Pty Ltd

Intellimax provides three deeply integrated components that deliver a comprehensive reporting and analytics experience through Excel, Sharepoint and a zero footprint web client.

Completing the overall solution is a configuration and deployment model allowing partners to build and maintain a complete and highly functional BI product suite utilising industry leading Microsoft BI technologies including SQL Server and OLAP data warehousing.

These solutions deliver:

- Full consolidation of corporate data

- Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabiity

- End user access to critical business data

- The ability to create highly presentable management reporting

- Full KPI and key driver analysis

- Full information deployment through scheduled distribution or thin client web access

All Intellimax products provide full support for commonly deployed environments while also delivering on the leading edge of technical development including Office 2007, Vista and SQL 2005.


Unlike many other BI products, Intellimax products are designed primarily for deployment via resellers and ISV’s and as such pricing, branding and comprehensive technical support and absolutely central to our offering.

Our solutions allow our partners to ride the BI wave and deliver comprehensive leading edge solutions with minimal effort and next to no risk. If you would like to hear more about Intellimax ISV solutions then contact Intellimax today and we can arrange a meeting
to discuss you BI requirements and determine if an Intellimax Solution is appropriate for your business.

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